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Enrichment courses offered at Lammersville Elementary 

Advanced Band

Medical Detectives

Students play the role of real-life medical detectives as they collect and analyze medical data to diagnose disease. They solve medical mysteries through hands-on projects and labs, measure and interpret vital signs, examine nervous system structure and function, investigate disease outbreaks, and explore how a breakdown within the human body can lead to dysfunction.   

Multi Media Arts

Students will be learning how to take videos and edit them to make a streamlined “mini movie” or scene. 


Middle School Drama provides students with creative and improvisational games and warm-ups to improve performance and group skills. Students will work collaboratively to produce a class play performed at the end of the semester. Individuals are considered separately, but the majority of the work is group-oriented. Learning will occur through movement activities and acting games, roles of the theater, and the creative process. 


Students will be planting spring crops and working to get the green house up and running with spring and summer crops.  We will be looking into how to make the chicken coop a functioning and sustainable option to add to our garden as well as starting the compost bin back up.  Students get the opportunity to grow, maintain and eat their own crops.  

Speech and Debate

The students will learn the techniques for building and delivering a successful speech. Students will engage in delivering speeches, as well as participating in formal and informal debates. In addition, students will have the necessary skills to critique, analyze and question speeches and debates delivered by others.

Design and Modeling

Students discover the design process and develop an understanding of the influence of creativity and innovation in their lives. They are then challenged to use and apply what they’ve learned to demonstrate how this can be used to improve lifestyle for people.


Students trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics as they learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems. Students use the VEX Robotics® platform to design, build, and program real-world objects such as traffic lights, toll booths, and robotic arms.