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Mrs. Bhullar's K/1 Class

Starting Monday, April19th, Kinder and First Grade students will  come to school everyday from 8:05am-12:00pm     
The assignments are posted daily under classwork in google classroom.
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  •  Letter/Sounds:  letter Aa
  • Sight Word : look, only, went, very, down, one
  • Phonologial Awareness: Track Syllables
  • Grammar: Prepositions- in, on, out, off, by
  • Vocabulary Strategies: synonyms
   Module 6: Comparing and Composing Shapes
   Topic A: Build and draw flat and solid shapes,   
  • Target Skill: Main Ideas and details
  • Vocabulary Strategy: prefix un-, re-
  • Phonics:  syllable pattern CV
  • High Frequency Words: brothers, everyone, loved, people, most, sorry, field, only
  • Grammar: Adjectives that compare
Module 6: Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction to 100
Topic C: Addition to 100 using place value understanding
Mrs. Bhullar's Kindergarten Classroom
Mrs. Bhullar's 1st Grade ClassroomMrs. Bhullar's 1st Grade Classroom
Music for Mrs. Bhullar's Class:
Fridays at 1:00
Music Class Zoom:
Meeting ID: 308 416 0737 Passcode: music2020