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Ms. Scaffidi - 2nd Grade

   Be SURE to check *Google Classroom daily for assignments.
*Please note, Google Classroom can NOT be accessed unless students are signed into Chrome!
What's happening this week?
  • Hybrid Students must log in to Google Classroom no later than 8:05a.m. EVERY morning for Attendance on their Asynchronous days.  ALL students - both Groups A & B must ALL do this every Friday.
    • Type "Here" or a brief message to our class (student's choice).
      • Read our Morning Message posted on the STREAM page & click on the link for Today's Schedule for our Daily Agenda.
    • When students are at home on their Asynchronous days, they must be using their time wisely and focusing on daily Must Do List assignments. 
  • Students join their assigned Hybrid Group class in person and/or online @ 8:05a.m., Monday -  Friday.
    • Unit 3, Lesson 12 Ah, Music! (Journeys) using Text, Workbooks & Think Central 
    • Module 4 Review, Lessons  20-30 in Eureka Math using our Workbooks & ASSISTments
    • Social Studies & MyWorld Interactive Workbooks Chapter 3 Government, Presidents & Black History
    • PLTW - Grids & Games Activities 2-4
    • Music with Mrs. Starling every Friday Zoom from 12:30 - 1:05PM

Our Character Counts pillar of Fairness is wrapping up and we will announce who has earned Student of the Month @ our School Assembly!

    • Please check this web-page regularly for announcements and resources to best support your Distance Learning experience.
      • Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions!
      • My office hours are 12:30p.m. - 1:30p.m., Monday - Friday.
Thank you and stay safe!

Ms. Scaffidi

Please be sure to check Google Classroom DAILY for assignments and announcements.
MUSIC class every Friday via ZOOM from 12:30-1:05PM